VCU Parking and Transportation debuts new bus stop signs

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Hoping to make passengers’ commutes a little easier, Virginia Commonwealth University Parking and Transportation has installed new RamRide signs at each of its 24 stops. The new signs resemble modern transit signage in larger cities. Information is now presented in a three-segment modular format with accompanying route colors and tracking information.

All new RamRide signs have been customized for each designated stop location, making it easier for passengers to identify their stop from a distance. Additionally, to help riders better navigate the system, route colors are presented in a circle on the top-left corner. Corresponding colors for each route can be found online at

This signage project is the first step in providing the best travel experience possible for our passengers.

In addition to improving the overall rider experience, passenger feedback and versatility helped fuel the redesign.

“Our customers have requested more helpful and useful information, and this signage project is the first step in providing the best travel experience possible for our passengers,” said Craig Willingham, transportation and fleet manager for VCU Parking and Transportation.

On an average day, RamRide provides between 4,000 and 5,000 rides.

VCU student Corey Robinson is one of RamRide’s many riders. Robinson relies on the Campus Connector daily and enjoys the improved signage.

“I think the stop colors are the most helpful,” Robinson said. “It makes the whole experience less confusing.”

VCU Libraries employee Gabrielle Brown agrees.

“I love the new signs. It’s about time!” she said.

While Brown believes the actual riding experience is the most significant, she said the new signs are an improvement. Brown said she particularly appreciates the new QR code which takes passengers to the live bus tracker.

“Nine out of 10 VCU students, staff and faculty already have a smartphone on them at all times. Now they can access important ride information quickly and effortlessly,” she said.

Passengers can track RamRide in real time and view important stop information and closures by visiting or downloading the VCU mobile “RamRide” app. Guests are free to utilize the service with a guest pass, which can be downloaded by VCU students, faculty or staff at


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