ReadyCam broadcast studio

VCU’s on-site broadcast studio makes it convenient for media outlets to conduct live or taped interviews with some of the world’s leading physicians, specialists and researchers for breaking news, features or trend expertise.

The ReadyCam system provided by VideoLink is a camera package that uses fiber optics to transmit the video and audio signal to VideoLink’s headquarters in Boston. From there, experts in VCU’s studio, located at the VCU Medical Center, can be routed to virtually any location.

The studio camera and support equipment are contained in a single rack that can be operated locally or controlled by VideoLink technicians.

The studio is equipped with temperature-specific fluorescent lighting and interruptible feedback for two-way communication. The small set also features several background images that can be raised or lowered behind the person being interviewed.

In addition to connecting to broadcast media, the system also can be used to produce webcasts and will enable university faculty to remotely attend conferences. If necessary, VideoLink can transmit the signal via satellite to distant locations.