Four people sitting at a white table using LEGO bricks to construct an object.
At the Shift Retail Lab of the VCU da Vinci Center, Shift interns Camryn Anderson, Ian Devenish, Tony Ward and Bri Domenech (left to right) collaborate with LEGO. (Brian McNeill, VCU Public Relations)

VCU da Vinci Center brings LEGO Serious Play to VCU

The method, which features a specially formulated set of LEGO bricks, promotes creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking.

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The Virginia Commonwealth University da Vinci Center for Innovation is bringing to VCU the LEGO Serious Play method, a process that combines specific teaching principles, professional development and a specially formulated set of LEGO bricks to create a hands-on learning environment where participants can facilitate a deeper dialogue around problem-solving and design thinking in the classroom.

The LEGO Serious Play method is designed to help instructors bring the joy of LEGO building to their students and enhance their learning experience. The method focuses on four key areas: creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. These areas are essential for students’ academic and personal growth and the LEGO Serious Play method provides a fun and engaging way to develop these skills.

Fortune 500 companies, including Samsung and Microsoft, have used this method to inspire innovation. LEGO building promotes creativity as students can build anything they can imagine and collaboration as they work together to build their creations. Communication skills are also developed as students discuss their ideas and work together to solve problems. Finally, critical thinking is developed as students evaluate their building decisions and make improvements.

“I’m incredibly excited to introduce the VCU da Vinci Center for Innovation to the limitless potential of the LEGO Serious Play method. It will revolutionize the way students engage with their studies and set the faculty up to be able to empower learning through play,” Denise Meyerson, founder and director of Management Consultancy International, which is providing training to the da Vinci Center in LEGO Serious Play.

Garret Westlake, Ph.D., associate vice provost in innovation, executive director of the da Vinci Center for Innovation and faculty at VCU School of Business, said the LEGO Serious Play method will help expand access to critical 21st Century skills such as creative problem-solving and design thinking across VCU..

“This fun approach will build on our already robust culture of cross-disciplinary innovation at VCU,” Westlake said.

The LEGO Serious Play method has been developed in partnership with education experts to ensure that it is aligned with the latest educational standards. The program is suitable for all primary and secondary school students and can be adapted to suit the needs of different age groups and subjects.

The VCU da Vinci Center for Innovation is committed to providing quality educational resources and programs to support faculty members and enhance students’ learning experiences. Organizations on and off VCU’s campus that are interested in scheduling a workshop may contact