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Juniper Peterson rows a canoe in the James River.

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Quinn Wakefield.

How I turned it around

Students who’ve struggled academically and otherwise share insights, resources and stories of how they got back on track.

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Professor Christopher Irving and student Sethe Howell look down at a tablet, while a monitor behind them displays an illustration of a griffin-like monster.

Dreamwork, team work

With help from faculty mentors, undergraduates at VCU do some pretty amazing — and sometimes unexpected — research.

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A combined image of five scenes: A VCU student in a lab coat inspects a vial, a researcher studies a wetland environment, a student in The Peppas plays the trombone, a doctor performs surgery and a student conducts VR research in a lab.

5 ways VCU is uncommon

In this series, we take a deep dive into five ways that VCU is uncommon, and along the way we hope you’ll get to know VCU the place and VCU the community. These are the facets that give VCU its personality and its heart and make it a place to study, live and work unlike any other.

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Colorful graffiti art on a wall.

RVA My Way

VCU students share how the city of Richmond has shaped their college experience.

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VCU basketball players celebrate at a homecoming event before they travel to the 2011 Final Four.

Four weeks of havoc

Four weeks of havoc

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