VCU Health Evans-Haynes Burn Center still stands alone in adult and pediatric care

Center recently reverified as Virginia's only state-designated burn center

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The VCU Health Evans-Haynes Burn Center remains in a class by itself after its recent reverification as an adult and pediatric burn center by the American Burn Association. Evans-Haynes is the only state-designated burn center in Virginia.

Michael Feldman, M.D.
Michael Feldman, M.D.

The July reverification, which lasts three years, came with accolades for strong community education programs, a robust nursing burn competency program and strong administrative and multidisciplinary support for the burn unit. Evans-Haynes is a 16-bed space with an eight-bed ICU, eight non-acute beds, and treats between 400 and 450 patients every year.

Under the leadership of Michael Feldman, M.D., Evans-Haynes’ medical director, many initiatives and forward-thinking collaborations have helped elevate the center’s level of care.

“We’re always looking to up the ante of what we can provide to patients and leadership here is always in support of that,” said Wendy Lugo, a nurse manager at Evans-Haynes.

The center, which this year is celebrating 60 years of service, has a long history of prioritizing and mobilizing patients. In May, team members hosted the 20th annual Burn Survivor Sunday event, which offers a platform for former patients to share their experiences and reconnect with the staff who treated them. It’s also a chance to honor first responders throughout the Richmond area who initially attend to and transport patients to Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center and the burn unit.

The Evans-Haynes Burn Center at VCU Health was founded in 1947 by Dr. Everett I. Evans and is the oldest civilian burn facility in the United States. The Evans-Haynes Burn Center is the only state-designated burn center in Virginia.

Additionally, for the last six years Evans-Haynes has been the recipient of more than $100,000 raised through the VCU Pi Kappa Alpha Fireman’s Challenge, which raises money to support burn staff training, burn rehabilitation equipment and toys for youth patients.

Jeffrey Haynes, M.D.
Jeffrey Haynes, M.D.

Evans-Haynes is the only resource in Central Virginia for pediatric burn victims.

“Our Level I pediatric trauma center is proud to partner with the Evans-Haynes Burn Center to provide total care for pediatric burn victims across the commonwealth, from emergency and burn care to prevention efforts and rehabilitation,” said Jeffery Haynes, M.D., professor of pediatric surgery and director of the Children’s Trauma Center at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU.

“Burns can happen to anyone at any time. Children are curious and often experience burns from everyday elements including instant noodle cups, candles, bath water that is too hot and car accidents. We’ve done our job when we can help keep kids out of the hospital and in their community just being kids.”

Evans-Haynes treats various burn issues including the reconstructive needs of burn survivors and patients injured by fire, chemical, scalds and electrical burns. Though it is the oldest civilian burn facility in the United States, its clinician team embraces a newness that includes a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to burn care by focusing on patients’ mental, physical and holistic needs.

“Our entire team is yet again honored by the reverification of our program,” Feldman said. “The evolution of our offerings is our continued goal, along with making sure we uphold the highest standard of care to our patients while they’re most vulnerable.”