VCU and Navitas announce partnership to expand international education

Navitas and Virginia Commonwealth University have announced a partnership to support the university’s continued commitment to internationalization, including the development of a Global Student Success Program to prepare international students for future academic success. The partnership will increase VCU’s capacity to deliver specialized programs to this diverse and growing population of students and enhance the university’s brand as an international study destination.

The collaboration between VCU and Navitas will increase the quantity and diversity of international students on campus, provide the university with access to Navitas’ global teaching and learning and admissions expertise, and establish an on-campus Global Student Success Program.  

The program — which includes academic content, study skills development and high levels of social and academic support — gives international students an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to succeed in VCU’s rigorous environment. Students who successfully complete the program will then be eligible to continue their undergraduate or graduate degree studies at VCU. The university will retain control of all academic aspects of the program.

“Navitas was selected by VCU as an internationalization partner after a rigorous process that identified the organization’s experience in preparing international students to succeed in higher education as well as their ability to develop a solution that meets our goals,” said Gail Hackett, Ph.D., provost and vice president for academic affairs at VCU.

Navitas has more than two decades of experience establishing successful pathway programs around the world and was the first to launch such a program in North America. VCU is Navitas’ 10th North American partnership.

In addition to recruiting international students to attend the VCU Global Student Success Program, Navitas will recruit international students for direct entry into VCU.

“We are proud to partner with VCU because of its widely recognized commitment to internationalization and its commitment to further expand global learning opportunities on its campus for international and domestic students alike,” said Bev Hudson, president of Navitas North America.