Brandcenter alumni continue to reshape industry with innovative Super Bowl XLIX ads

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On Sunday, more than 114 million viewers — the most in U.S. history — tuned in to watch Super Bowl XLIX, a close, entertaining game between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks.  

Of course, with the Super Bowl, the entertainment extends past the on-field plays. This year’s commercials provided much amusement as well. And, as in previous years, alumni from the Virginia Commonwealth University Brandcenter presented some of the most talked-about ads.

“Naturally, in my biased opinion, these were some of the most refreshingly creative spots to run in the Super Bowl this year,” said Kelly O’Keefe, professor of brand management in the VCU Brandcenter, part of the School of Business. “But more importantly, they were listed by major industry sources as some of the best. Both the quantity and the quality of ads worked on by Brandcenter alumni speak to the growing role these professionals are playing in reshaping our industry.”

Brandcenter alumni works during the 2015 Super Bowl

Carvana  (regional buy)
Claire Gipson (art direction, 2014), Goodness mfg.


Clash of Clans
Ross Fletcher (art direction, 2012) and Chris Sheldon (copywriting, 2012), BFG 9000


Jeff Gillette (copywriting, 2006), Wieden + Kennedy Portland


Game of War
David Kennedy (copywriting, 2000) and Eric Cosper, Untitled Worldwide


Kia Sorento
Steve Yee (art direction, 2000), David&Goliath


Jason Bottenus (art direction, 2007), Fallon


Jordan Eakin (art direction, 2006) and David Sloan (copywriting, 2011), McKinney


Newcastle  (regional buy)
Nick Maschmeyer (communications strategy, 2012), Droga5


Eric Boyd (copywriting, 2006) and Johnny Roeloffs (communications strategy, 2013), Venables Bell & Partners


Jeff Dryer (art direction, 2010), Wieden + Kennedy NY



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