Richmond Teacher Residency program named as partner in 100Kin10, national network to grow STEM teaching force

RTR commits to advancing goal of recruiting, preparing and retaining 100,000 science, technology, engineering and math teachers by 2021

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The Richmond Teacher Residency program, a partnership between Richmond Public Schools and the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Education, has been accepted as a partner of 100Kin10. This multisector network engages the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers by providing America’s classrooms with 100,000 excellent science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) teachers by 2021.

"We are honored to be invited to join this prestigious national partnership dedicated to addressing the pressing need for recruiting, preparing and retaining highly effective STEM teachers," said Terry Dozier, Ed.D., director of the Richmond Teacher Residency program.

RTR addresses the unique challenges of preparing teachers for urban education – both at the secondary level and at all levels for those preparing to teach special education (K-12). Individuals with strong GPAs and a passion to level the playing field are recruited into the program and make a four-year commitment that includes a year of residency and three years of urban school teaching.

As part of 100Kin10, by 2019 RTR will recruit and prepare 50 STEM teachers for Richmond Public Schools and will build a sustainable pipeline of STEM candidates at the K-12 and pre-baccalaureate levels that is geared toward building local capacity to identify and support students interested in pursuing a teaching career in STEM fields.  RTR is one of the 236 best-in-class 100Kin10 partners to design and take on a specific piece of work to help achieve the goal of 100,000 excellent STEM teachers.

Organizations are accepted as 100Kin10 partners following a rigorous vetting process conducted by a team of partners and other experts in education and in STEM. Reviewers seek organizations with strong leadership, a track record of success at implementation, and a well-designed and innovative commitment to action toward expanding, improving and retaining the best of the nation’s STEM teaching force, or building the 100Kin10 movement.  

A complete list of partners is available on the 100Kin10 website.