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A Message from President Rao

Monday, Aug. 14, 2017

To the VCU and VCU Health Community,

We are profoundly saddened at the deaths and injuries resulting from this weekend's tragic events in Charlottesville. We abhor the racism, antisemitism, and bigotry that spawned the demonstrations and condemn the violence that once again has senselessly shattered lives. We stand firmly with the growing chorus of voices that condemn all acts of intolerance.

Our response to the tragedy must be strong and sure, grounded in our core values. It is critical to remind ourselves of what we stand for, especially as the new academic year begins and we return to campus and our university community.

We will strive for intellectual truth with responsibility and civility, respecting the dignity of all individuals. We will work with focus, intention and a steadfast commitment to strengthen our campus community and deepen a climate of honesty and integrity where all people are valued.

Individually and collectively, we are responsible to be the best people we can be to each other.


Michael Rao
President, VCU and VCU Health System