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Three images of a woman looking through glass. At left, concerned, at center smiling, at right head down.

So you’ve got impostor syndrome. What should you do?

Impostor syndrome — or the psychological phenomenon in which a person doubts their accomplishments, feels inadequate and worries they will be exposed as a “fraud” — is a common struggle, particularly in higher education, the workplace and other stressful environments.

Stacey Dusing, Ph.D.

A study in the science of play: Does early engagement help premature babies thrive?

Infants born very preterm, at or before 28 weeks gestation, are at high risk for developmental impairments. Physical therapy and medical specialists from Virginia Commonwealth University are leading a study in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Virginia to determine how early, evidence-based physical therapy intervention can enhance physical, social and cognitive outcomes.

A grassy courtyard with outdoor seating stretches out behind the building at the new Gladding Residence Center. (Photo by Allen Jones, University Relations)

What's new at VCU for 2018-19

Every year, VCU introduces exciting new programs, people and places to the university and local communities.

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