Interim Policy on Sexual Misconduct/Violence and Sex/Gender Discrimination

Dear VCU Community,

As announced in President Rao’s Title IX update last month, VCU has adopted an Interim Policy on Sexual Misconduct/Violence and Sex/Gender Discrimination.  This policy applies to the entire university community and is critical to our efforts to prevent and address prohibited conduct such as sexual assault, sexual harassment, partner/relationship violence, and stalking.

All university community members are urged to review and understand the policy, which was effective August 5, 2015, and will be in effect for the next year pending comments from University Council and the broader VCU community.

For the next 30 days, the policy will be open for public comment.  We ask you to share your comments by October 1, through the public comment process to ensure that your input is considered.  Please contact with any questions.  Thank you for your commitment to fostering an environment of mutual trust and respect at VCU.

Laura Rugless
Director of Equity and Access Services