VCU Medical Center and Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU Physicians Named in Richmond magazine’s 2013 Top Docs List

More than 150 Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center and Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU physicians were recognized this month in Richmond magazine’s 2013 Top Docs survey, which asked local physicians whom they would recommend in a range of specialties from 82 categories.

Out of the 414 winners in the year’s survey, VCU physicians made up more than one-third and were the top vote-getters in 52 of the 82 categories. VCU physicians earned spots in all but four categories and were the only winners in eight categories: Adolescent Medicine, Genetics, Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, Pediatric Infectious Disease, Pediatric Nephrology, Pediatric Oncology and Hematology, Pediatric Surgery and Pediatrics-Child Abuse.

“We’re honored to have so many of our physicians recognized among their peers in this year’s survey,” said Sheldon Retchin, M.D., CEO of the VCU Health System and vice president of health sciences. “Their dedication and commitment to patient care, research and education makes a difference in the lives and health of everyone we serve.”

Robert Higginson, a physician assistant at the VCU Medical Center, was recognized in the Physician Assistant Special Honors category for his extensive history working with HIV patients.

Ann Dunbar, D.P.T., affiliate faculty member in the VCU School of Allied Health Professions Department of Physical Therapy, was recognized as the winner in the Physical Therapist Special Honors category for her work with women.

Richmond magazine has conducted similar surveys in 1988, 1998, 2000, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

The following full-time VCU Medical Center physicians were included in Richmond Magazine’s 2013 Top Docs survey:

* = Top vote getter in category

Adolescent Medicine:        Richard Brookman, *Stephanie Crewe, Nicole Karjane

Allergy and Immunology:        Anne-Marie Irani, Lawrence Schwartz

Anesthesiology:        John F. Butterworth IV, Jay H. Shapiro

Bariatric Surgery:        John M. Kellum, James W. Maher

Cardiac Electrophysiology:        *Kenneth Ellenbogen, Jordana Kron

Cardiac Surgery:        *Vigneshwar Kasirajan

Cardiology-Interventional:        Kenneth Ellenbogen, *George W. Vetrovec

Cardiovascular Disease:        Michael Hess, *George W. Vetrovec

Colon and Rectal Surgery:        Homayoon Akbari

Dermatology:        Algin B. Garrett, *Julia R. Nunley, Laurie Shinn

Emergency Medicine:        Douglas Franzen, Joseph P. Ornato

Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism:        *John Clore, Robert Downs

Family Practice/General Practice:        *Anton Kuzel, Mark Ryan

Gastroenterology:        Stephen Bickston, Doumit BouHaidar

Genetics:        Raymond Lewandowski, *Arti Pandya, John M. Quillin

Geriatric Medicine:        *Peter A. Boling, Sarah Hobgood

Gynecologic Oncology:        Weldon Chafe

Gynecology/Obstetrics:        Ellen L. Brock, Stephen Cohen, *Christine Isaacs, Nicole Karjane, John G. Pierce Jr.

Hospice and Palliative Care:        *Laurie Lyckholm

Hospitalist:        Heather Masters, Dennis Wixted

Infectious Diseases:        Gonzalo Bearman, Michael B. Edmond, Richard P. Wenzel

Intensivist:        *Lisa Brath, Rajiv Malhotra, Curtis Sessler

Internal Medicine:        Ralph R. Clark III, Betty Anne Johnson, Bennett B. Lee, Susan Wolver

Interventional Pain Medicine:        *Maged Hamza

Maternal-Fetal Medicine/High-Risk Pregnancy:        Susan M. Lanni, Thomas C. Peng, Ron Ramus

Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine:        *Karen Hendricks-Munoz, Russell R. Moores, Henry J. Rozycki

Nephrology:        Todd W.B. Gehr, Domenic Sica

Neurology:        Jonathan W. Bekenstein, Scott Vota

Neurology/Child:        Lawrence Morton, John Pellock, Jean E. Teasley

Neurosurgery:        R. Scott Graham, *Gary W. Tye, Harold F. Young

Oncologic Surgery:        Harry D. Bear, Amelia (Aimee) C. Grover, *Brian J. Kaplan

Oncology and Hematology:        Mary Helen Hackney

Ophthalmology and Opthalmologic Surgery:        *William H. Benson

Optometry:        Evan J. Kaufman

Orthopaedic Hand Surgery:        *Jonathan E. Isaacs

Orthopaedic Surgery:        William A. Jiranek, *Wilhelm A. Zuelzer

Otolaryngology and Otolaryngologic Surgery:        Laurence J. DiNardo, *Evan R. Reiter

Pathology:        Ema Dragoescu, Margaret M. Grimes, Celeste N. Powers

Pediatric Allergy/Immunology:        *Anne-Marie Irani, Wei Zhao

Pediatric Cardiology:        Douglas R. Allen, Scott D. Gullquist, *William B. Moskowitz

Pediatric Emergency Medicine:        Samuel Bartle, *Robin L. Foster, Chris Woleben

Pediatric Endocrinology:        *Gary L. Francis, Anshu Gupta, Edmond P. Wickham III

Pediatric Gastroenterology:        Martin F. Graham, Ann Kessel

Pediatric Hospice and Palliative Care Medicine:        Jean E. Teasley

Pediatric Hospitalist:        David J. Friedel, *Clifton C. Lee, Michael S. Ryan

Pediatric Infectious Disease:        David J. Friedel, *William C. Koch, Suzanne Lavoie, Beth C. Marshall

Pediatric Nephrology:        *Timothy E. Bunchman, Megan Lo

Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Disabilities:        *Pasquale Accardo

Pediatric Oncology and Hematology:        Kamar Godder, *Gita Massey, India Y. Sisler

Pediatric Otolaryngology:        *Kelley M. Dodson

Pediatric Pulmonology:        Bruce Rubin, *H. Joel Schmidt

Pediatric Sports Medicine:        Victoria G. Kuester, *Bill Shaw

Pediatric Surgery:        Charles Bagwell, Jeffrey Haynes, Patricia Lange, *David Lanning, Claudio Oiticica

Pediatric Surgical Specialists:        David Lanning, Claudio Oiticica, Jennifer L. Rhodes, *Gary W. Tye

Pediatrics (General):        *Sean McKenna, N. Romesh Wijesooriya

Pediatrics-Child Abuse:        *Robin L. Foster

Pediatrics-Developmental/Behavioral:        *Pasquale Accardo, Margie Jaworski

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation:        David X. Cifu, Charles (Chad) Dillard, Richard Kunz, William McKinley, Eugenio A. Monasterio

Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery:        *Andrea Pozez, Jennifer L. Rhodes

Podiatry:        *Simon Mest

Psychiatry/Adult:        *James Levenson

Psychiatry/Child and Adolescent:        Cheryl S. Al-Mateen, Neil Sonenklar, Aradhana (Bela) Sood

Pulmonary Disease:        Lisa Brath, R. Paul Fairman, *Alpha (Berry) Fowler, R. Wesley Shepherd

Radiation Oncology:        *Douglas W. Arthur, Laurie Cuttino, Shiyu Song

Radiology-Diagnostic:        Laura Carucci, *Ann S. Fulcher

Radiology-Interventional:        *Malcolm K. Sydnor

Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility:        R. Scott Lucidi

Rheumatology:        *Beth Rubinstein, Christopher M. Wise

Sleep Disorders:        David Leszczyszyn

Spine Surgery:        R. Scott Graham, Bruce Mathern, Harold F. Young

Sports Medicine:        *Thomas P. Loughran, Wilhelm A. Zuelzer

Sports Medicine Surgery:        Seth Cheatham, *Thomas P. Loughran, Wilhelm A. Zuelzer

Surgery (General):        John M. Kellum

Thoracic Surgery:        *Anthony Cassano

Transplant Hepatology:        Robert A. Fisher, Richard K. Sterling, *R. Todd Stravitz

Urogynecology:        Edward Gill

Urology and Urological Surgery:        *B. Mayer Grob, Lance J. Hampton, *Adam Klausner

Vascular Surgery:        *Mark Levy

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