A group of V C U alumni.
VCU Alumni and the MCV Alumni Association are dissolving and aligning with the university's development and alumni offices. (Office of Development and Alumni Relations)

VCU alumni organizations approve new model

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Virginia Commonwealth University announced today that VCU Alumni and the MCV Alumni Association of VCU will align with the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, creating a new structure to meet the expanding needs of its 208,000 alumni. 

VCU Alumni’s board of governors and the MCV Alumni Association’s board of trustees voted to dissolve their respective 501(c)3 organizations. For years, the long-standing organizations charged membership dues but, in 2018, became inclusive, welcoming all alumni as members.

Alumni should not notice any difference in the communications, access or engagement they currently have, whether as members of a chapter or other affiliation. Programming will continue as a collaboration between VCU staff and alumni volunteers. Read the FAQ to learn more.

The decision was based on analysis of each organizational mission, outcomes from a recent alumni interest survey and national best practices in alumni relations. A task force of alumni volunteers led the review and recommended the alignment. The new VCU Alumni structure will increase the value and reach of alumni services by creating more engagement and volunteer opportunities for chapters and constituent organizations worldwide. 

“Our mission is to help alumni support and strengthen our alma mater by connecting and engaging with fellow alums and the rest of the growing VCU community,” said VCU Alumni President Michael Whitlow, a graduate of the Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture. “We’ll bring a rich set of existing activities and our independent voice to join with the university’s staff and other resources. This will help expand the ways we can welcome and invite alumni to join together and create value from these connections for the rest of their lives.” 

A new alumni leadership group is being developed collaboratively among alumni, staff of the Office of Development and Alumni Relations and other campus partners. The new representational council will serve as the voice of alumni within the university and will help plan future investment in alumni programs and services.  

“I have found that most alumni share a great love and loyalty to VCU,” said Bronwyn Burnham, president of the MCV Alumni Association board of trustees and an alumna of the School of Pharmacy. “We want to hear from as many alumni as possible so we can provide opportunities that are meaningful to them as we sustain the momentum of programs and traditions on both campuses.”

Alumni play a critical role in helping the university meet its strategic goals in areas such as enrollment management, career services, training, philanthropy and research. 

“I am so proud of the dedication and service our alumni volunteers show to VCU,” said VCU President Michael Rao, Ph.D. “I’m certain this new model will serve the university and its alumni well into the future as we work together to strengthen VCU.”