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Three people sit in chairs under banners reading VCU.

University presidents consider the challenges of commemorating history’s dark chapters

As people and institutions throughout the United States undertake a re-examination of the country’s history and how it is commemorated, two university presidents and one former president met at Virginia Commonwealth University last week to consider the opportunities and challenges that society as a whole — and colleges in particular — face when attempting to identify the best, most honest ways of remembering and learning from the past.

Stephanie Smith, a member of the East Marshall Street Well Project's Family Representative Council

Recommendations made for human remains uncovered in 1990s VCU construction project

Members of the East Marshall Street Well Project Family Representative Council shared their recommendations for the continued study, memorialization and burial of human remains uncovered 24 years ago during construction of the Hermes A. Kontos Medical Sciences Building on Virginia Commonwealth University’s MCV campus.

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