VCU Alumni to introduce new strategic plan as part of 23-city tour

VCU Alumni is doing a 22-city tour to share details of its new strategic plan. The tour begins Ja...
VCU Alumni is doing a 22-city tour to share details of its new strategic plan. The tour begins Jan. 9 with two weeks of events in Richmond. (Courtesy graphic)

VCU Alumni is embarking on a yearlong tour to introduce its new strategic plan, ELEVATE, and bring new opportunities and programming to alumni.

The tour begins Jan. 9 with two weeks of events in Richmond, before moving to 22 additional cities before the end of 2019. ELEVATE stands for Expanding Leadership, Enrichment and Volunteerism for Alumni Through Engagement.

“The tour showcases ELEVATE, the innovative five-year strategic plan our staff created in collaboration with alumni and colleagues, based on industry best practices and data collected directly from alumni in fall 2017,” said Joshua Hiscock, associate vice president for alumni relations. “This tour propels us forward in increasing overall alumni engagement as we build lifelong connections with alumni and re-establish meaningful relevance in their lives.”

VCU Alumni is embarking on its first tour, and the excitement starts Jan. 9 in Richmond, Virginia. The tour puts our new strategic plan, ELEVATE (Expanding Leadership, Enrichment and Volunteerism for Alumni Through Engagement), in motion and brings new opportunities and programming to elevate your alumni experience.

Each tour stop features a schedule packed with cultural excursions, family friendly outings, industry networking sessions and social events that give alumni a chance to engage with other alumni and with Virginia Commonwealth University’s faculty and university leaders. Events planned for the first few cities include a behind-the-scenes tour of Warner Bros. Studio in Los Angeles, a custom-cocktail-making class in historic downtown Sanford, Florida, breakfast with VCU President Michael Rao, Ph.D., in San Francisco, and an alumni business owners networking night in Richmond.

“We want alumni to not only hear what ELEVATE is all about but also to experience it,” Hiscock said.  “We’re proud to share all the exciting things happening with VCU Alumni and the university and to meet our alumni where they live.”

Tour stops

Richmond: Jan. 9-19
Orlando, Florida: Jan. 21-25
San Francisco: Feb. 2-6
Los Angeles: Feb. 6-9
Doha, Qatar: Feb. 18-20
Atlanta: Feb. 23-March 1
New York: March 13-16
Dallas: April 12-17
Baltimore: May 28-30
Washington, D.C.: May 30-June 2
Nashville, Tennessee: June 18-22
Charlottesville, Virginia: July 10-14
Hampton Roads, Virginia: July 25-28
Roanoke/Lynchburg, Virginia: Aug. 1-4
Charlotte, North Carolina: Aug. 7-11
Raleigh, North Carolina: Aug: 21-25
Philadelphia: Sept. 25-28
Boston: Oct. 1-5
Chicago: Oct. 9-13
St. Louis: Oct. 16-20
Seattle: Oct. 30-Nov. 3
Houston: Nov. 13-17
San Diego: Dec. 4-8