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O'Keefe, Kelly
  • O'Keefe, Kelly

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Kelly O'Keefe, professor of brand strategy in the VCU Brandcenter, can speak in detail on a variety of branding and marketing communications topics.

O'Keefe has extensive experience consulting with businesses and others on branding strategies and has worked with such entities as Wal-Mart, Hamilton Beach, Honeywell, Home Depot and Sesame Street. He has spoken to reporters previously about such brand-related topics as AIG, American automakers, the marketing of "The Simpsons," Disney's purchase of Marvel, guerilla marketing, franchise filmmaking, re-branding the Sci-Fi Network, online customer reviews, Super Bowl advertising and product placement, among many other issues.

To see O'Keefe explain how businesses should protect and strengthen their brand in tough economic times, visit his interview with VCU OnTopic.


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